Global Supplier Diversity

globally building workplaces where everyone is seen, valued and heard "globally, supplier diversity impacts sustainability and economic empowerment. When small, diverse businesses thrive - they grow - and can create job opportunities in the communities in which they operate and serve. Embracing diversity, whether in the workplace or in the supply chain, leads to greater innovation and perspectives that appeal to a broader and more diverse customer base. Global supplier diversity is critical to companies pursuing Randstad's consumer base."
- audra jenkins | global chief equity officer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Randstad supplier. Randstad Global Supplier Diversity embraces diversity as a way of business. Our program is designed to develop and foster strategic supplier relationships with diversely owned companies, as well as small business enterprises. Our vision is to develop a strong foundation of highly qualified suppliers that can provide us with exceptional products and services.

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eligibility | All registering suppliers must provide the following:

  • Federally Recognized Diversity Certificate(s)
  • Capabilities Statement; including visibility to nationwide presence

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